About Us:

Nature's Way Taxidermy is a full-time privately-owned studio that caters to sportsman from all over the nation.  I specialize in everything from birds to life-size mounts.  Nature's Way Taxidermy offers the highest quality taxidermy services with stunning detail in each individual mount. 

I began my taxidermy career in 1981 and have worked fulltime in this profession since 1996.  Even with all my experience I continue to keep up with the latest and best techniques in today's taxidermy industry by attending many seminars and trainings. 

I am a licensed taxidermist with a certification of Professional Mammal Taxidermist from the International Guild of Taxidermy.  I have won numerous awards from not only Wisconsin taxidermy shows, but also national and world shows as well.  In addition have won 3 president's awards and numerous 1st and 2nd place trophy awards from the Safari Club International (SCI) award competitions.

I have a large studio with a 3,800 foot showroom containing over 100 mounts on display, including many life-size mounts with natural habitat bases.  In addition to my showroom I have 2 large work rooms, a walk in freezer and cooler.  Our complex houses a second building for storing antlers and African shipments of my client's trophies to be mounted.  Both the studio and storage building includes a full security system to protect our clients trophies.

Most mounts, especially the life-size mounts, are custom mounts designed to meet the client's specifications and set on a base with natural habitat of rock, wood or dirt.  As part of a custom mount I often need to re-sculpt each form to make it not only fit the hide of the animal but also to create a mount designed specifically for each client's request.

I am an avid bow hunter and have been fortunate enough to have been able to hunt game throughout the states and around the world.  To name a few, I have hunted lions and leopards in Africa, Muskox in the Arctic and Red Stag in New Zealand.  I consider my hunts as a way of increasing my skills as a taxidermist by observing wildlife in its natural habitat as well as taking many photos and measurements in the field for references.  Through these hunts I am experiencing first hand the details of each animal species enabling me to achieve a higher quality mount.  As a hobby I have a whitetail deer farm.  I spend quite a bit of time outside with my deer studying and learning their characteristics, muscle placement etc.  By doing this I achieve a more realistic deer mount.

I am a life member and a Master Measurer of Safari Club International.  I have been on the board of directors for the Northeast Wisconsin SCI Chapter since 1997.  I am a member of the WI Taxidermist Association, Whitetails Unlimited and a lifetime member of The One Shot Club.

My guarantee to you: I stand behind my work and will repair at no cost to you any defect in my workmanship.  This guarantee does not apply to mounts that are broken due to mishandling, abuse, fire or smoke damage (including cigarette smoke), water, sun or humidity damage or other acts in which I have no control over.

Nature's Way Taxidermy guarantees integrity and excellent customer service to all hunters.  Call us before your next hunt to talk with Jeff about field care for your trophy animal.   Let us be your taxidermist of choice. 





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